Welcome Drink

Welcome Drink

Welcome drink is a drink served to guests who have just arrived / checked in.

Being an initial impression of guest services, although simple if presented with an interesting concept will give the impression of a special welcome. @griyaarimba_homestayjogja welcomes guests with a welcome drink in the form of tea, ginger, or other drinks served with a "blirik" teapot and glass, with a classic model container

Blirik cups are often called glasses of antiquity because they have been around since time immemorial, first seeing this cup, maybe you remember your grandfather or father. Some facts of Blirik drinking containers:

1. This ancient cup is identical to the color green and white stripe motif, referring to the striated motif.

2. Made of zinc coated with enamel, which is a layer of porcelain attached to a metal material with the aim that the tools can be more durable, heat-resistant, and look attractive

3. Blirik cups were originally sold as tea sets (cups, saucers, cup covers, and teapots), the first factory was manned by a Dutch trader named Jan Mooijen in 1845.

4. This patterned cup is also used as a symbol of the struggle of the workers. In 1921, there was a labor demonstration in Semarang. brought by the people in opposition to the Dutch government.

5. Currently a trend where many are used in cafes and become an icon of the present.